07 August 2010


Our human's back, and so are we! Thanks to all our friends who patiently checked in on us--repeatedly--only to find out we were being lame, er, that our human was being lame by not updating our blog.

To be perfectly honest, we're ashamed to blog about our latest activities because, well, in our human's absence, we sorta lost it, to say the least. The pic of big bro Tanner is evidence... We're very sorry to say that a bunch of us *cough*[collies!] went a little crazy one night and attacked him. For whatever reason, we went all Lord of the Flies: rules forsaken, order lost--and an innocent suffering for it. Tanner was ripped up pretty bad, but he's healing well now. His left ear will never stand again, and his debonair handsomeness has given way to a kind of goofy cuteness. (He kinda reminds us of Montgomery Clift after his car accident--though we wouldn't call Monty's post-accident looks "goofy cuteness." And Tanner seems to be bouncing back better than Monty did!)

The human was completely freaked out, and we all thought that our pack would be disbanded. Fortunately, we've pulled ourselves together, and so far, so good. Keep your fingers and paws crossed for us! Really, we were freaked out, too--how dare he leave us for so long?!

Although our pack is still intact, we've had our share of comings and goings nonetheless. For one, Uncle Kidlat came to stay with us for a while! No, that pic is not his going Lord of the Flies on Tuchuck--just us having fun with the little emperor, as usual. :)
A couple weeks back, Tuchuck also made a new lady friend--this is Luna. She spent the night at our house (no, nothing salacious! you guys!) on her way to her new home! (Thanks to Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue!)

Our SPCA buddy Tucker got to hang out with Uncle Kidlat, too! Tucker's a cattle dog mix who's getting all adoptable so he can go to a forever home like ours. But not exactly OURS! If you know anybody looking for a cute, high energy boy, send them to Tucker's webpage!
And, lastly, our biggest "pack" news of all: Uncle Kidlat may be getting a new baby sister! Look at this pretty girl with him... We're calling her Dulce (Auntie Dulce??!), and she's just a baby Cardi from CompAnimals Pet Rescue. She's staying with Uncle Kidlat for a week--maybe she'll like him by the end of it!

Whew! That was a lot! Sorry, guess that's what happens when you don't blog for so long. We'll try to do better from now on. We actually have more to talk about! But we'll wait til next time. :) Thanks for visiting our blog!


Peppy Sheppys said...

You guys! It's about time! We think that Tanner looks dashing with his floppy ear AND we also think you collies were just jelly of how boo-tiful we sheppys are!

What are you guys going to do with all those short-leggers around? BE CAREFUL! They are BOSSY!

Sheps w/Pep

ps. Tuchuck, who you foolin' with that flirting with girls stuff? -OBST.

Katherine and Pippa said...

There are plenty of humans who don't blog when they should. Yours isn't the only pack. Nice to come back and see some pix and get news. Take care all of you.