11 April 2010

Snuggle Sunday

[Yawn] [Stretch] Ahh... Haha, we don't really spend our days like this, but there seems to have been a proliferation of beds at our house this week. (Hm... Could someone be trying to make amends for neglecting our blog?!) Not that we're complaining. We enjoy an indulgently long nap as much as the next guy. And, truth be told, we kinda earned it this week. The house has been a bit crazy with comings and goings. For whatever reason, we seem to be training for something cuz we're back in full swing: agility, herding, and obedience! Training's fine and all--fun even--but the human could use a little training himself. We're talkin some serious gym time. Hear that, tubby? If we're gonna be doing all this running around, you better keep up. In other words, we'll do the naps, human will do the laps. Hahaha!
On a separate note, beautiful Sophie has asked for gory details; the following may be inappropriate for younger children...

Keep in mind that we're not into all the religion stuff, but what humans call Holy Week seemed a perfectly reasonable time to ponder our relationship to the body and blood. Um, of bunnies, of course (duh--Easter!).

One night--was it Good Friday?--the human was earnestly working, doors were open, and we were enjoying a beautiful night in our yard. Our boy soon realized that we hadn't come in to check on him for a while and decided he should check on us. He stepped outside just in time to hear the horrifying scream of an innocent being slaughtered at the far end of the yard. He grabbed a flashlight and went running. Shining the light toward the brush, all he could see was our glowing eyes bouncing up and down like wolves in a movie. Theo was in the lead, proudly shaking a kinda large cottontail rabbit in his mouth. Duncan was right behind, trying to grab the catch. Then came Tanner, holding his big, red ball (doofus), and Rousseau, not really knowing what to do. Our human screamed like a girl, and the pack raced into the house, rabbit flailing. Theo landed the prize in his crate and proceeded to rip him some tender morsels. What followed was mayhem, comedy of tragic proportions. We eventually acquiesced to being crated and allowed the human to gather himself and clear the crime scene. Um, "clean" rather than "clear would be more appropriate. Suffice it to say that whoever had hands had blood on them. And, apparently, there are really no good tools for this sort of situation.

Alas, our Easter meal was thwarted, but the entertainment was some salvation. Next time we'll order up some Chianti and fava beans to go along.
Our bunny escapade was, of course, inspired by the Peppy Sheppys' squirrel adventure (with apologies to their ma ape). On the side of might makes right, however, we'd like to support our dear friend Ethel Jean in her campaign to assume the seat of retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Ethel is black and female and probably open to all kinds of activities that would sufficiently offend conservatives--she has our vote! SCOTUS! SCOTUS! (Sorry, Otis, no more Scalias!)

02 April 2010

Eyewatch Friday: Lookin Out

Norwood, we're still lookin out for those spring froggies. They don't seem to be coming around here. We did catch a pre-Easter bunny, though. Will spare you the gory details, suffice it to say the human had quite a bit of cleaning to do--in the house!

Anyway, as you can see from the pic, we're always lookin out for each other. Happy Weekend, everyone!