31 August 2009

The Cookie Face Club goes to the Vet

You guessed it, Tuchuck and Theo went to the vet today. Nothing serious, just a check up and picking up some meds. Tuchuck was mostly along for moral support. We hear little Theo rocked the clinic with his charming self. Who knew? He did let people know when boundaries were crossed, but, all in all, the little cookie face did good. :) Guess what, he even rode in the van without expending any bodily fluids, waste, or otherwise unrecognizable matter! Woohoo! Way to go, buddy!

But, wait, look what else they had at the clinic. The T-Boyz were very curious... But, no, it is not their pal Bruce.(Did anyone get the Philly reference in our title? All we can say is, "BOO, Eagles!")

30 August 2009

Speaking of cookies...

What could possibly warrant such attention from all of us? Wally T. Corgador! Jacks sends special thanks to Wally for the super treatables! As you can see, nothing brings us together like sharing foodables. Thanks, dude!!

Don't worry, Angel gets to share, too!

eYewatch Friday: Belated edition

Look at Tuchuck's big eyes! Guess what he's lookin at? He and Narra went to a Rally trial today and Narra earned more ribbons! Nah, Tuchuck's not looking at the ribbons, he's checkin out the totally awesome cookies Narra won, too. Cookies for the cookie face! The rest of us have to admit to being more impressed with the cookies also. (We were also kinda impressed at the ridonculous hour the human got up to get to the show on time... yup, we said ON TIME!) Bring home the spoils, Narra, just wake us up when you get home.

Belated Happy eYewatch Friday, everyone!

29 August 2009

Lights, Camera, Tuchuck!

Photos from Tuchuck's first agility trial (by JFG Photos).

24 August 2009

Red Ribbons!

Red Ribbon isn't just a favorite bakery, it's the theme for Tuchuck's agility debut weekend! That's right, we trained the human very well: he blew off his originally scheduled plans to enter another day of the agility trial (thanks to day-of-trial entries--woohoo!). Both T and Narra got to play some more! What does that have to do with red ribbons, you ask? Well, in addition, to his second place on Friday, Tuchuck earned another one on Sunday! (He earned a fourth place, too!) Not a bad debut, huh? Three runs total: two second places, one fourth, and, best yet, three qualifying scores! Way to go, Tuchuck!!! Sistah Narra never had such a weekend, but she did pretty well on Sunday, too. She actually earned two fourth places out of three runs, but no qualifying scores. (Not really sure how that works in CPE, but we'll take it.)

To add to the merriment, Tuchuck's impressive performance was witnessed by our own little posse. Family friends who were visiting the human's parental units all wanted to see agility! Although it wasn't part of their reunion plans, they seemed to have a good time checkin out the trial. And we appreciated the fandom! Go, Tuchuck, go!!!

Baby, you can drive my car

It was a busy weekend! The human took a brief interlude from agility good times to help out Deb, a young, female white German Shepherd Dog in need of a home. In fact, a lot of people helped out Deb who needed to be transported from Maryland north to New Hampshire. She's in a great foster home now and waiting to be adopted from Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. Any takers? She's awesome! Tell your friends!

21 August 2009

eYewatch Friday: Agility Edition

He's being very nonchalant about it, but Tuchuck rocked his agility debut today! For his first ever agility trial, Tuchuck ran clean and beautiful--and earned a second place! Sistah Narra, the veteran--ahem--ran, too, but we're not gonna talk about that. Yay, Tuchuck, you're in for a lot of fun times now, brah!!

Happy eYewatch Friday, everyone! Have a super great weekend!!

18 August 2009


This isn't all we do, but it seems like our lot for the time being. A myriad of trials and tribulations for the human at the moment, so we're just waiting for blogging to happen... (Tuchuck, you better get into action soon--looks like you could lose a few pounds, brah.)

11 August 2009

Oldies but goodies

We forgot to mention that brother Jacks turned 12-years old (or so) on his "birthday" a couple weeks ago. Of course, sistah Angel is our presiding senior at 13-years old. We did recently discover, however, that Jackson is now completely deaf. He doesn't seem to mind too much, as far as we can tell; he's still the easygoing, happy guy he's always been. Besides, the young'uns are duly respectful--we watch out for our older sibs. After all, they make the best pillows! (Well, Jacks does, but don't try to lie on Angel!!!)

07 August 2009

eYewatch Friday: Corgi Edition!

We haven't really blogged anything of substance in a while as the human claims busy-ness as usual. Not that we see him taking care of business... Ahem. Apparently, he had to go visit Uncle Kidlat today and cut his nails. A likely story. Whatever. So here's Kidlat... (Guess we're still lacking substance!)

Keyboard Happy!

Many thanks to our buds at Life With Dogs for including us in their Friday Five! As it turns out, we just got a little sumpin in da mail that buddy Nigel will enjoy... :)