24 August 2009

Red Ribbons!

Red Ribbon isn't just a favorite bakery, it's the theme for Tuchuck's agility debut weekend! That's right, we trained the human very well: he blew off his originally scheduled plans to enter another day of the agility trial (thanks to day-of-trial entries--woohoo!). Both T and Narra got to play some more! What does that have to do with red ribbons, you ask? Well, in addition, to his second place on Friday, Tuchuck earned another one on Sunday! (He earned a fourth place, too!) Not a bad debut, huh? Three runs total: two second places, one fourth, and, best yet, three qualifying scores! Way to go, Tuchuck!!! Sistah Narra never had such a weekend, but she did pretty well on Sunday, too. She actually earned two fourth places out of three runs, but no qualifying scores. (Not really sure how that works in CPE, but we'll take it.)

To add to the merriment, Tuchuck's impressive performance was witnessed by our own little posse. Family friends who were visiting the human's parental units all wanted to see agility! Although it wasn't part of their reunion plans, they seemed to have a good time checkin out the trial. And we appreciated the fandom! Go, Tuchuck, go!!!


Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ Campanella said...

congrats on your win that is very impressive for your debut

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Lola Smiles said...

Wooohooo! Awesome dude!

wally said...

Way to go, dudes! We have been running the agility course in our yard, the rock wall, the hostas, the dog next door. All of these obstacles we have overcome but no ribbons!

wally t.

Fenway said...

Tuchuck, my talented friend!!!

Way to go with those Q's and stylin' performances in front of your whole clan.

Ms. Alpha can't wait for me to get this darned Championship status so we can concentrate full-time on agility. That's going to be my "real job".

Still in training...but I'm sure we'll cross paths on the Agility Circuit some day!


Way to go Tuchuck! I am impressed! I run around aimlessly after ribbet sounds You run with a purpose and win. Tell dad to take fotos next event plz.

Bruce said...

Way to go Tuchuck...congratulations!!

tula said...

hey your hooman made a pretty cool pic/award for you T! that cake is looking gooood-no doubt. you're becoming quite the supahstar so we are official members ofyour fanclub! narra we're in yours too:)


Pippa said...

Topdog Tuchuck.

But Narra is still tops too. (imo)

tula said...

Tag your it... yep, Theo & Tuchuck & crew have to play the Awesome game.
wag ovah.



I see your still on the award stand. Don't worry- you can get down now-you'll be back up there again before you know it.

Sam said...