30 August 2009

eYewatch Friday: Belated edition

Look at Tuchuck's big eyes! Guess what he's lookin at? He and Narra went to a Rally trial today and Narra earned more ribbons! Nah, Tuchuck's not looking at the ribbons, he's checkin out the totally awesome cookies Narra won, too. Cookies for the cookie face! The rest of us have to admit to being more impressed with the cookies also. (We were also kinda impressed at the ridonculous hour the human got up to get to the show on time... yup, we said ON TIME!) Bring home the spoils, Narra, just wake us up when you get home.

Belated Happy eYewatch Friday, everyone!



Yeah Narra and tuchuck! Congrats on getting the humans to be on time and then get cookies! You have them well trained.
Well done.

Bruce said...

There you go talking about Cookies again...must be a doggie thing! Congratulations on winning them and thanks for sharing those beautiful eyes with us!
your pal,