09 August 2008

Catching up (cramming!)

The past week was kinda eventful--though not all the events included us! Still, lots going on, just not blogging. As you may have noticed, our human isn't too good about staying on top of things. In fact, he usually waits til the last minute. And although we don't really have a deadline staring us down, we're leaving on a roadtrip in the morning (WOO HOO!), so we told our boy he better blog now or be even more ridiculously behind...

Anyway, the human started the week by going to a herding trial. Again, we must note: we didn't get to go along! Sure looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, we're promised that we'll be doing some herding very soon. Narra needs to continue her training, and Tuchuck needs to start. Rousseau needs to be tested; we don't know if he'll like it or not. But brother Jackson is ready to watch!

Here's a cardi herding--but it's not our Uncle Kidlat

And an Aussie herding--but it's not Rousseau...
The other big event this week was a first-time play date for Tuchuck and Kidlat! Wow, they had a blast. Tuchuck even showed some restraint playing with the baby. We guess there's always a first time for everything. If you want to see more, the human made a little video (and it's really fun!).

Thanks for visiting our blog! We'll be back in about a week!


wally said...

Your ape sure is a bit of a harlot, checking out all those other dogs.

Hey--I smelled you guys on my baby brudder last night! Thanks for wearing him out. It lasted at least 3 minutes.

I'd like to meet this Kidlat fellow. Together I think he and I could get these long leggers under control.

wally t.

Sophie Brador said...

My mom is in love with Kidlat. I'm not so keen on babies myself, but she is always smooching them. You'd think she was planning on a political career or something.


Lola Smiles said...

ok, that video totally made my human grin. She loves Corgis!

Pippa said...

Hope your road trip has gone/is going well and looking forward to seeing some pix of it when you return. Don't forget to nag your human to make sure he posts up about it.

wally said...


I smelled you on my brudder last night so I KNOW you're back. Why aren't you blogging? Too busy thinking about Uncle Kidlat and our devious plan to take over the world by spiking the water with HGH (Head Growth Hormone). And then shortening your legs?

wally t.