25 October 2009

Gonna tell everybody I know

Guess what little Theo's all excited about? We got a new camera!!! WOOHOO!!! Finally. The human's been planning to get one for such a loooooong time now. At the risk of sounding like a commercial--Ashton Kutcher we ain't--we love our Nikon cameras! No, we didn't get a super special digital SLR (yet!), just another little CoolPix. This one's the most recent, hot off the press: Nikon S640.

Okay, we do love Nikon, but we're not blindly loyal. Our last CoolPix really sucked--we loved our first one, the very first version. Decision's still out on this one. It's definitely fast enough (though not quite fast enough to keep up with us at full speed). Anyway, we had a beautiful fall day today to test out the new toy.
(BTW, color is a little cool with this camera. And, as you can, see images are a little too contrasty. All these shots were corrected in Photoshop.)

T-Boyz are a little too fast for the camera! But it's a cool blur, no?

Here's the mighty hunter Theo. He looks like a hound dog here (minus the peanut butter and bananas).
The Theo flattened the flying squirrel!
The new camera doesn't handle low light so well. We prefer natural light to flash (as with these pics); flash works okay but is stark, and colors are too cool. Still, not so bad with after-the-fact touch ups. Maybe we can get the human to read the manual--that might help.


Sophie Brador said...

You are all so adorable! Your human should have been with us today. We went to a ball diamond and Graham ran like the wind a whole bunch of times and then played like a silly pup with Balto. Mom was so happy, but she forgot the damn camera, and so there are no beautiful shots of moi.


Southbay Girl said...

How exciting that I know your doggie bloggie address!!! I told mom to add it to my doggie friends!!!

It's so nice to meet all of you!!! Theo makes me woof on twitter!!

Our herding trial wasn't great! It's been a HUGE adjustment going from started to Intermediate!! I have a hard time leaving mom's side!! And today wasn't good-mom said she knew it wasn't going to be our day when I stopped in the middle of my outrun! then when she said "go get your sheep" I raced over to them and barked at them! Mom tried a few times then she said enough and we were finished! 15 seconds!!
How cool that narra has started herding! It's SO MUCH FUN!!! sheep are awesome!!

I can't wait to come back and visit you guys!



Bruce said...

I am loving these action shots...you doggies make me tired just looking at you! Time for another nap.
your cat pal,

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Thanks for the heads up on the camera! Our momma is likin' those action shots. EFURy time she goes to take one of us doin' sumpin' we stop and sit down☺

tula said...

Yahooo- geeshers great shots. Theo i'm luvin luvin your cookie face and looks like your lips kinduv droop like mine too. u sure your not from Brooklyn Brookyn!Wig waggin that your back blogging--sshhh Angels trying to take a nap.


wally said...

I don't know about the new camera but YOU guys look awesome!

wally t.

ps. What's a hound dog w/out the pb and bananas? (Looks like Theo's got a little Tupelo honey in him, at least!)

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hmm Misery has been faffing around all day looking at some Mac ap for photos. It would be a better idea if she took some. Canon A530 but she is looking at getting a DSLR. I can see there will be even less blog posts from me while she gets her head round that one.