24 March 2009

You asked, but don't tell

During our recent hiatus from blogging (ahem), we had plenty of time to think about secrets, honesty, and confessions. No, we're not seeking to right our moral compass or anything like that--that wouldn't be any fun. Just that we've been tagged by our friend Tula to open up and share some of our deepest and darkest. So here's our honest scrap... Don't tell, okay? ;)

#1 Narra is neither a pop/country music phenomenon nor a sitar virtuoso's daughter, despite her nickname: Narra Jones.

#2 Jackson is special but not "special." He has his full faculties about him. In fact, he successfully resisted an animal communicator's efforts at a Vulcan mind probe. All she could say was "I see water..."

#3 We love kibble. (But we love our raw food, too!)

#4 We don't really like watching Sportscenter over and over again while the human is away. Animal Planet is okay, but we don't really dig those baby shows. We don't see enough of Dr. Fitzgerald anymore. :(

#5 Tuchuck will steal apples. They are his most favoritest thing, and he has been known to go vertical to snatch them from unsuspecting hands--and mouths!

#6 Narra doesn't think dog parks are all that. Give her a ball, and she's got her own party going on wherever she's at. Besides, who do those other dogs think they are, anyway?

#7 Rousseau is not innocent. He may be sweet, but watch out: if he gets the chance, he'll slip you the tongue.

#8 Tanner's real world sibling (the one who actually lives in HIS house) is a pug.

#9 Our opinion on roadtrips is diammetrically opposed to that of the human: he loves being on the road, we just wanna GET THERE.

#10 We are Donna Haraway groupies.

We have no idea whom to tag because everyone we know (and you're not that many) has probably done this already. We'll just jump on the "do it if you want to" bandwagon, okay?

Thanks for reading!

(Whew, we're tired--again.)


Sophie Brador said...

Um, hey dogs. There's a tennis ball just lying there. What's with that? Do I need to come live with you to show you how it is? Tennis balls are never supposed to just be. In fact, I believe that if they just be for too long, a terrier comes along and peels them.


Fenway said...

I am in awe of your dog pack. I want to live with lots of dogs, too, and seeing you all laying around together was terrific.

Good to learn more about you...I like your observation about car trips.

Hey! My alphas are back home now so I can blog again!

Your pal,

tula said...

Hi guys, glad you're back in bloggie world.

Awww Jackson. Tell them you want another reading. Water, really?!!

And hello Rousseau.. how do you do!

Tuchuck- are you part cat? going vertical in a tree is a must see..

Animal planet is a dream for me too. The news is on its full day cycle for me. yawn. or maybe that's the reason.

Great post.

wally said...

Oscar and Tuchuck have frighteningly similar eating habits (the ape got him a bag of apples and he's loves it. But he'd eat a bag of broccoli if given the opportunity.)

Jackson, I know that lesser life forms cannot read our minds because we're simply higher minds. You and I are on the save wavelength.

wally t.

Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Good to see you guys, again! Great job with the honest scrap thingy! We feel like we know all of you soooooo much better now!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

Lola Smiles said...

you guys sound way too cool! We are good! Just been quiet lately in the blog world, lots going on. Mom says that now that the snow is almost gone, she'll be working on some pics again. Camera, good weather, moi - what more can you ask for!!?

Be good!
luv ya
Lola Smiles

wally said...

Please stop encouraging my ape to betray us! Otherwise we'll let her troll Petfinder for bedraggled WGSDs and then YOU'LL have a housemate!

wally t.