12 September 2010

We're back, we're bad!

He's white, she's mad!
Oh, yeah, sistah's crazy! But wouldn't you be without some serious play for over a year?! Narra hasn't competed in agility since the German Shepherd Dog nationals last fall. And Tuchuck's just getting his agility life under way...
Both had a super fun weekend (well, at least one day of it) at a USDAA agility trial. And, well, in all modesty, Tuchuck kicked some serious bootie. He brought home the booty as well: two blue ribbons! Narra didn't bring the loot, but she always feeds the need for speed!!

[Professional photos by Barry Rosen Photography]



Killer fotos! Forget that blue ribbon- i'm gonna pbr u !
Wootit woot way to kick some bootay

tula said...

Hey Tuchuck woo even smile for the shot! this calls for the real deal- a Pabst Blue Ribbon Clink !clink!

Narra-you're FIERCE! way 2 go!


Peppy Sheppys said...

WHOA! Way to go Chuck, dude. I am totally gonna smoke you on the course. If I don't get thrown out of skool again, that is.


Peppy Sheppys said...

Our ma ape was thinking--hey wait! Didn't we see Narra and Tuchuck at Lum's Pond last summer? So she did a search with the googles on the series of tubes that make up our blog and discovered--that was a YEAR AGO! We believe her mind is becoming ever more feeble. But now she wants to know if you guys are going to go play at Lum's Pond this year.

Sheps w/Pep

Lola Smiles said...

late congratulations to you both!!! Way to go guys!