07 September 2008

Of all the gin joints...

Well, we finally got back into the studio today, but you'll never imagine why. We were surprised as well: the human wasn't painting, you see, he was sequestering dogs! Yes, we said DOGS--two of them, White German Shepherd Dogs! We thought we were in the clear when No-Name (who turned out to be named Coach) went home with his breeder. But, no, Wally's apes call to say there are dogs who need help, and, of course, our feeble human runs to their aid. (Wally, we don't hold you responsible for the acts of your apes!) So, we have a couple of house guests who we hope won't over-stay their welcome.

The human decided to change their names from ignorant ones to silly ones: Rick and Ilsa. First of all, these two dogs are brother and sister... why would you name them after people who--duh--were obviously not blood related? And second, who is going to adopt dogs whose names invoke THE 20th-century emblem of noble sacrifice and unfulfilled love? Okay, we won't go there...

Regardless, we hope someone will adopt these two. And we hope it is someone who is considerably kinder and more loving than the man who dumped them at an overcrowded shelter. We won't bore you with the details; the bottom line is, these guys need a home (or homes)! Here's the 411: 8-months old, intact, in good general health (vet records forthcoming) as far as we know, and supposedly housebroken. They're super sweet and will probably get along great with everyone and everything. Even Narra has warmed up to them a bit. :) The human says he will spay and neuter (ew) these guys before they can go home. So, if anyone knows someone looking for a good White German Shepherd Dog--or two--send them to our house!

Oh, and here, we have a video, too! :)


BenTheRotti said...

Gosh what beautiful dogs, how could anyone abandon them!

I hope they find their furever homes real soon, your folk are just wonderful to take them in the meantime, true heroes!

love, licks and stumpwags,

Ben xxxxx

wally said...

Ha! My apes are mean! I hope you get some contact soon. Narra has had to do more sharing than she should have to. (Narra--if you're really carefully maybe you can hide Tuchuck with 'em and sneak him out of the house, too!)

wally t.

BenTheRotti said...

Pop on over to my blog when you get the chance, I left a little award there for you.


Ben xxx

Lola Smiles said...

Dudes..I know you will find a good home soon! Keep everything crossed here! :)

Pippa said...

Mistress says they are gorgeous and would colour co-ordinate rather well with me (I ask you).

They look to have a beautiful temperament on the vid. Paws crossed they get a super home, preferably together.


Sophie Brador said...

Those two are some kind of gorgeous. We saw a white shepard just last night. They are pretty coolio doggios.