24 September 2008

Terror Twins power--activate!

We wish that the terror twins special power was to disappear, or, at the very least, to teleport themselves somewhere else! We can rest assured, however, that they no longer possess the power to reproduce! That's right, the terrible twosome spent a day at the vet's office and came back minus certain parts. What we want to know is, couldn't the vet have taken more parts?

More importantly, missing parts means Rick and Ilsa can go home now!!! Any takers?!

BTW, we want to apologize to our blogging buddies for not keeping up with everyone in a while. We can squarely blame the human who is hopelessly inadequate at keeping on top of his stuff, much less ours. We're thinking of you guys and will be by soon!


BenTheRotti said...

Sorry but I feel pity for the twosome, the dastardly vet stole some of my doggy parts too and its not fun at all!!
Mum says she will take them.. do not listen to her, if everyone did we would have a billion dogs in the house!

My human is inadequate too, I think most of them are, we miss you when you are not around.. but we know who to blame!


Ben xxxx

wally said...

I don't know dudes, they look awfully alike. What if they reproduce asexually and they just start dividing becoming ever more terrible twins!

wally t.

Katherine and Pippa said...

They are just too gorgeous for words.

We so hope they find the home they deserve.


wally said...

Dudes--do you know what your brudder has been up to? You might want to look at my blog. I was a little shocked. And amused. That's why I let an interloper post!

wally t.

Lola Smiles said...

How are the twins!? Don't feel bad, my human has been slacking lately with my blog as well.

wally said...

I'm so proud to have a titled lady in my life to ignore me! I hope we get some pictures.

Border Collies were on Breed All About It this morning. There were no lovely white guys, though. They said white is a fault because they look too much like sheep. Whatevs. Everyone knows it's just because black is the new black.

wally t.

Sophie Brador said...

You need to exploit those twins for a comic book series. Think of the movie and merchandising opportunities. I can manage their careers if you like. First things first, let's get them into some tights.