13 October 2008

Art is not an excuse

Surprise! Yes, we know how loathesomely slow--absent, in fact!--the human has been maintaining our blog. (Perhaps positive training has failed us on this front...) He claims he's very busy preparing work for exhibitions. A likely story. Well, as if to appease us, he says we're integral to his work, and he presented this image as evidence. We can only laugh. Apparently, he has created a whole series of work based on these ridiculous "tourist" photos he makes us pose for. Then he talks about a buncha French guys, "epistemologies," whatever. We think he's making it all up. But it is nice to see Buko again.

We've got lots more to share, but we guess this is it for now. The two-legged one says he needs to get back to work...


BenTheRotti said...

Work, Shmurk, My human uses that excuse too, then I remind her that she doesn't have a job.. unless you count me and the beans (and I guess we can be a bit of work at times!)

Its good to see you,

love and tailwags,

Ben xxx

roughseasinthemed said...

I like the art stuffs. And Buko too of course.


wally said...

Aw, my Coconut bud. Sniff.

French dudes? Eh, that can't be good. And it is definitely not "work."

I would definitely recommend switching to aversion training. Shock collar time!

wally t.

Lola Smiles said...

can't wait to hear what all this about!