24 October 2008

Our Point

When we left Iowa, our human couldn't resist but take the long way home--through Wisconsin! His sentimental attachments often guide our travels, but that's not always so bad. We spent the night at Governor Dodge State Park and woke to find some pretty amazing fall colors. Ah, our favorite time of the year!

Our main destination was "hometown" Madison--Mad City! We enjoyed a great walk along Lake Mendota, on Picnic Point, just by the university. Our human has enjoyed this walk since he was just a pup, and the campus is his old stomping ground. We like it, too! And not just because of all the attention we get. So many people stopped to admire us--they told the human he has "quite a pack." Ahem, who has whom?! :)

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wally said...

Mad City! You guys get all the good road trips. I've been on two big ones. One we wound up stranded in Wyoming in a snowstorm and the other one we wound up in Delaware! I got robbed.

wally t.