24 October 2008

Dog Parks!

No roadtrip is complete without exploring new dog parks. During our recent drive through the heartland, however, we visited old faves (that seems to have been the theme for this trip). Of course, our human wasn't in the habit of frequenting dog parks back in the day, but we discovered Quann Park a few years ago when we were here. We like it so much we keep coming back. Well, Jackson and Narra had been here before, but it was all new to Tuchuck and Rousseau.

Actually, Jackson didn't really go into the dog park before. So this visit was a true first for him. He had to stay on leash, but he did great. He got to meet a very cute little Corgi (a Pembroke, not a Cardigan like Uncle Kidlat) and a couple other dogs. Rousseau got to go with him, but Rousseau can get a little anxious on leash, and he scared away prospective new friends by barking. We hope he'll get over that!

Tuchuck, on the other hand, always makes new friends wherever he goes!
Even Narra made a new friend this trip! Oooh, someone's got a new (big!) boyfriend! :)
We did visit a dog park in Des Moines, too, before we left: the Raccoon River Park in West Des Moines, to be exact. Although none of us has been to this park before, it was an old favorite of brother Tsamba's (but there was no dog park back then).
As usual, Tuchuck was the life of the party...

We wonder if Narra isn't loosening up? She made a little friend, too!
The big boys didn't get to go into this dog park, but they got to hit the beach!


wally said...

Narra! You hussy! I love it!

wally t.

Lola Smiles said...

WOW, you guys are sure living it up on this road trip! Very cool. Keep having fun! love seeing the updates!

Sophie Brador said...

Why can't I go on road trips with you guys? It looks like way more fun than road trips with just my mom.


Dannan and The Girl said...

Woah, it's been forever since we've been to your blog, and we're so sorry about that! We misplaced the way...

that road trip looks like it was a ton of fun!

Brown dog kisses,