24 September 2008

No country for old dogs

HEY! Rousseau protests the title of this post! He's not old! Well, sometimes he moves like he is... Besides, he likes keeping pace with Jacks, who's no spring chicken. :) Anyway, Rousseau went to his first agility trial this past weekend--and he did GREAT! No, he's not magically competing in agility (yet!), he came out to support sister Narra and soak up the atmosphere. He's learning to cope with the activity of many people and dogs coming and going. He was a little anxious at first, but he settled in very nicely and even seemed to enjoy all the festivity after a while. Jackson, too, who can get overly excited in these kinds of situations, enjoyed the beautiful weather and fun. He loved watching all the dogs go by--and was never inappropriate! :) The "old" boys can't wait for the next trial!


wally said...

Dooooooods! I would have been so noisy and obnoxious so good for you. Oscar wants to know if Jackson saw anyone hotter than him.

wally t.

Pippa said...

Wow, even the thought of all that agility stuff wears me out. And I am not an old dog. I don't think.