09 November 2008

We've seen fire, and we've seen rain

Foster twins Ricky and Ilsa blew in with Hurricane Hanna two months ago. Today, with more rain, they blew away again, to their new, forever home. Narra and the human delivered them to their new family. Narra assures us that the people are very nice and will love the twins and take good care of them. They better because we don't want them to come back! :) (Visits would be okay!)

On the other hand, the house is a little too quiet tonight (as the human has been all day). Jackson thinks not; the quiet is awesome, he says. Don't get used to it, buddy. :)


wally said...

Wooo hoooo! Way to go twins! Perhaps Jackson would enjoy having a little Oscar around? Because I'm a bit tired of him. Or maybe Jackson and I should move in together. We're both the strong, silent, socially inept types. Wouldn't that make a great sitcom?

wally t.

Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Rousseau said...

Hahahaha! I'll pass on the Oscar, Wally, but the sitcom sounds intriguing. Do you think people would like to watch two dashing seniors snoring?! :)


Sophie Brador said...

Hey! Did the twins go to the exact same family together? That would be really cool. Do they get to keep their pink power suits?


P.S. Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog. I felt kind of bad after posting it, but gee willigers. I'm only trying to have some fun. And besides, don't you think Wally would make a great first dog?

wally said...


I think we may need to tag team the apes to keep them from bringing home dogs this weekend. Be especially naughty, ok?

And also--Chuck makes an appearance in my blog today. I think you will approve.

wally t.

wally said...

Tuchuck is on my blog AGAIN. That guy. I need more photos of that handsome Jackson fellow. Some of us just get better with age. Some of us just get more annoying (looking at YOU, Oscar Bean, Wild Teen!).

wally t.

ps. I think your ape and my ape are conspiring. I keep hearing about Saints. But I am the only Saint I know.

Pippa said...

Great news that they get to go to a furever home together.

I hope their new peeps appreciate them. I'm surprised they didn't try and keep the irresistible Narra too.