14 July 2008

We are four--and a half?!

What's that little thing crawling in the grass by Narra??? Whew, thank doG it's not ours! Actually, our human did help pick it, its breeder, etc. The little one belongs to our human's parental units! We expect we'll be seeing him around quite a bit.

What do you think his relationship is to us??? Do we have to call him "uncle"?! :)


Sophie Brador said...

I thought you were all having one great big birthday. I suppose it kind of is for that little dude. I think you do have to call him uncle, but you still get to push him around some and teach him loads of bad things. When he's not jumping all over your head that is. Have fun with the pupster!


wally said...

Look--please keep my ma ape away from this. This morning she felt a bit warm which can only mean one thing--she has PUPPY FEVER. The last thing I need is a little puppy with a big head to compete with.

wally t.

wally said...

ps. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Uncle Kidlat! O-ha!??!!!!