02 July 2008

Beauty and brains?

Okay, we have a little catching up to do... Day 3 at the Missoula dog show was good and bad. Narra was the good, and Tuchuck was, well, baaaad--and not in a good way. Narra earned a second place ribbon in Rally Excellent B with a 95/100 (first place was a 98). The human was very proud of how well she worked. As for Tuchuck, let's just say it's a good thing he finished his title on Sunday. His judge tried to be kind but could only muster a faint smile for the human, saying "Not today, I'm afraid." We won't scare you with the details.

The human entertained himself by watching conformation for a bit. We don't usually concern ourselves with the "beauty pageant" part of dog shows since we're all about the brains part. :) But the human was interested in the Australian Shepherds (foreshadowing!), watched them, and was even more excited when the winner of the Aussies took first in the Herding Group later that afternoon.

As for us, we were had more fun getting away from the dog show. We hung out in Missoula and went back to the dog park. We even got to see some guys surfing on the Clark Fork River. Pretty crazy, Montana. Guess you gotta do what you gotta do. As long as dogs are welcome, we dig ya.

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wally said...

Is there a beauty AND brains competition? Because I could totally be titled in that. Like Miss American which is about the total package.

Tuchuck--good for you for playing disobedient. We don't want the ape getting a big head, eh?