17 July 2008

Say "uncle"!

Here's our new "uncle"! His name is Kidlat (means "lightning"--HAHAHAHAHA!), and he's a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Our human's parental units brought him home from the breeder on Sunday, and the little guy had his first vet visit yesterday. Clean bill of health!

Our human has been spending a lot of time at Kidlat's house helping the new puppy. We don't know why, because the kid doesn't seem to do much other than lie around.

Anyway, we haven't even met him yet--except Narra, of course. If he's gonna come to our house, he better learn how to run on those little legs!


wally said...

Mastering the art of lying around is VERY IMPORTANT. Maybe Kidlat could teach Oscar.

No wait--that would involve ma ape/corgi puppy contact which MUST BE AVOIDED lest it be contagious.

wally t.

Lola Smiles said...

those are the cutest corgi puppy paws! love it! :)