18 July 2008

Super Play Date!

We had a super play date last Sunday! Our friends Wally, Ethel, and Oscar came over. Our human even took video (which we thought he'd never get around to editing), so now we can re-live the fun over and over!
We wanted to mention that Sadie, the "damsel" at the SPCA (from a previous post), has been adopted! Her name is now Sophie--though she's no La Brador, says Wally--and she joined us at the dog park the other day. Unfortunately, she's not a dog park kinda gal, not yet anyway. We're sure she'll do better once she's settled in to the security of her new family and home. Also, our orphan friend Zip from Missoula was adopted, too!


Katherine and Pippa said...

We have tried to catch up with the posts but mistress is too tired for vids now. :( Will have a looky later.


Sophie Brador said...

OMD! Did you see those action shots of the Wally Woo? Well, I guess obviously you did, but still. I love the way you hang with him and appear to totally adore him.

Great news about Sadie/Sophie. As much as I think my name is the best ever, Sadie is an excellent name too. There is a band from Toronto called the Sadie's. I bet she'd be a bit more bad ass and confident with a name like Sadie.

Must run. I am currently crashed on the bed of my Boston hotel room. Harvard Square in the morning.


wally said...

Wally's as sweet as...Tupelo Honey!

wally t.

Lola Smiles said...

too cool to see Wally in action! What a nice big yard. Jealous here to see all that doggie company.

luv ya
Lola Smiles

wally said...

Thanks for having us over AGAIN! And with an ABBA soundtrack!

wally t.

Pippa said...

We've finally got round to looking at the vid! Shhhh - can you keep a secret? Mistress didn't realise how short Wally's legs were and started laughing because he was so much shorter than all the other dogs. But don't tell him.

It must be hot because everydog seems to be trying to find the shade. Good to see Rousseau looking happy and fitting in well at the end too.