02 July 2008

Adopt Zip!

As much as he tried to fight it, the human couldn't help but visit the Humane Society of Western Montana before we left Missoula. Here is our orphan of the summer, Border Collie Zip:Zip is a five-month old, neutered male. He's still learning that life can be good and will probably be a happily wild child in the right home. He'll need a little patience, but our human found him to be really smart and responsive to human guidance. Did we mention that he's super cute?!


Lola Smiles said...

Zip looks too cool!
I'm trying to convince my mom to get foster me a 'bro' too! ;0

wally said...

Your ape seems to be making his way around the herding group! What next?

Speaking of new brudders--do you have one yet? Are you guys chillin'?