15 July 2008

You go, Rousseau!

We previously alluded to Rousseau's anxiety over meeting new people, specifically, and new situations, in general. We've been working hard to help him get over his fears, and he's making amazing progress. We had a super play date this past weekend with Wally, Ethel, and Oscar (and their humans), followed by a visit from our human's parental units. Rousseau did great meeting all the new people and even seems to have enjoyed himself! He goes to training class, too (we go along for moral support but stay in the van), and he was awesome last night. And guess what? We went to a dog park after Rousseau's class!! Rousseau and Jacks didn't get to interact with other people or dogs, but they got to meet them through a chain link fence. The old guys did pretty good--there may be hope yet. :)


Sophie Brador said...

I am super envious that you guys get to hang with Wally in person (or in dog, such as the case may be). Are you aware that he is a HUGE celebrity?

Sounds like Rousseau is making some progress. I suspect meeting really nice, pro-dog people helps a lot.


Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

Ha ha! Wally's celebrity is what drew us to him! And you should be envious... :)

Seriously, thanks, Sophie. Rousseau is getting a lot of help and support.

JNT...and R

wally said...

It was nice of you guys to skip over the part where me n' sissy were total jerks.