13 November 2005

SE coast: Jekyll Island, GA to the Outer Banks

[transcription of tape-recorded commentary]

“It’s Tuesday, November 8th just past noon. I am somewhere in Savannah, GA, east side of town, I think. On coastal highway route 17 in Georgia. I’m on my way from Jekyll Island in south Georgia to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. Almost completely forgot the whole purpose of a roadtrip. Was a little uptight about my ten-hour drive between Jekyll Island and Hatteras, but then I realized I don’t have to be there any particular time. And I don’t have to do all ten hours right now. So I got off I-95 and decided to take the “journey.” And I’m on the back highway, so I find myself in Savannah, and we’ll see where this leads. I saw a sign for Skidaway Island State Park, so I think we’ll go there and let the dogs run around for a bit. Maybe I’ll eat some lunch, then we’ll keep moving and see what the road has in store. Okay, so that’s where we’re at. Later.”

“Had some bad luck finding Skidaway. Just ran into Savannah traffic everywhere, I really needed to get out of the city. Got a little lost, circled around. Anyway, made my way out, and we’ve now entered the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge. Found my way to the coastal highway route 17 north, and I just need to pull over and let the dogs run around for a while. I think we’re all feeling a bit restless. We actually haven’t gotten that far from Jekyll Island, but it’s a nice day and a beautiful drive. So, I think we’re alright.”

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