05 December 2005


Clearly, one of the consequences of sporadic internet access is the loss of desire for internet access. On the other hand, when access becomes available, the previously deprived user may become somewhat ravenous... In other words, I've not been too good about keeping this thing current. When I do have the opportunity to update it, however, I feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of writing I feel morally obliged to offer. Anyway, all guilt aside, here's what's going on:

Thanksgiving in Denver has been postponed until spring, so I shared in a Rockwellian feast with family and friends back home (thanks, George and Pam!). Also decided to keep to this side of the Mississippi for 2005 and plan a big, wild west adventure for spring 2006 (provided departmental searches finish expediently--God willing). That said, I'm able to beef up our plans for the great white north and recreate more leisurely in frozen Wisconsin. Have also added the Berkshires and the Adirondacks to our itinerary. The snow pictures below are the western/central Adirondacks: Moose River Plains, to be exact. Below that, Mohawk Trail State Forest is in the Berkshires, just east of North Adams--and Mass MoCA (more on that in another update).

The picture above, incidentally, shows the dogs sporting their mushing attire. We've found the mushing gear (harnesses, lines, and belt for me) to be a great way for everyone to get out freely and safely. (See the Howling Dog link to the right, if you're interested.)

More images of the Berkshires and Adirondacks here.

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