29 March 2006

On the road again...

25 March 2006:
It looked like some kind of George W. Bush, post-apocalyptic wasteland... it was, in fact, Indiana. (We were driving around Roush lake in a cold, annoying spittle; our soundtrack: Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska.) Who would've ever thought we'd visit this state so much? We're talking four trips in four months. Crazy. Not so crazy: the van's done! (For the time being anyway.) Sportsmobile installed a house battery yesterday, complete with isolator and wiring for the ceiling fan and lights. We've got a little power now, can run 12-volt stuff without a problem. Really, we were just looking forward to the lights staying on, plus, more importantly, being able to run the ceiling fan without running the van.

Speaking of running, we're in Amherst, Wisconsin tonight because Narra is entered in the Wisconsin Rapids Kennel Club agility trial tomorrow. We're staying at the poetically named (but somewhat Bates-esque) Tomorrow River Motel, a small, family-run outfit looks like. They have a "supper club," too. Weather wasn't so bad today, temps in the low 40s. We probably could've camped tonight, but we opted for tv instead--so we could watch the Sweet Sixteen. Duly inspired by hoops heroics, Buko has decided his new nickname is now "Big Baby," to match his personality. But while we have sincere affection for the Bayou Bengals, true academic ties bind: GO BRUINS!

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