08 March 2007

Super Hero Narra

We could call this "midlife crisis, stage 1:" the human has decided to get a tattoo (tattooS even). We might consider this a questionable decision if not for the fact that we are--of course--the subject of the aforementioned tattoos. :) In fact, a right bicep (the lightning bolt will be an arm band) will soon be adorned with "Super Hero Narra," a` la comic book art.

The design is still in progress but will soon be unleashed. We think the world needs a new super hero (still working on those super powers, though).


wally said...

Well, tattoos are way more sensible than sports cars so lets hope the midlife crisis does not reach that stage!

I think it looks good, though! It will look great on a bulging bicep!


Buko, Narra, and Jackson said...

Ha ha! Wally, have you seen our human's bicep? He's working on the bulging part--but it ain't there yet! :)

And we wouldn't mind parading around in an Audi TT convertible!


Cubby said...

Cool! My mom has tattoos, but none of me!