30 September 2007

More Buko


wally said...

Buko, you are one tall drink of water! (Or lime and coconut...) I could watch these videos all day. If my ma ape didn't have to do her stupid job we would!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

We've just come from Wally's. Have not been on-line for a few days.

We're so sorry. It's less than two weeks since we came to your blog (from Wally's) and we never expected this so soon.

We've all been there but it never gets any easier. Pleased we met Buko if only for a short while, and we send you all our sympathy and love. Can't really say anything adequate to be honest.

Kate & Pippa

wally said...

Hi guys,

We're thinking about you, the brotherhood of big heads and the sisterhood of athletic bitches! Pippa's right that there's nothing to be said that's adequate but still, the apes keep talking. I prefer a little snuggle and long session licking the face.


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

Hi, Wally and Kate & Pippa! Thanks for thinking of us. You can see we haven't blogged about Buko's passing yet. The human is alternately in denial and in a fog, we think. He'll manage--we're trying to help. But we're so sad, too. Thanks again for stopping by.

with Buko, in spirit

wally said...

Dear Jackson and Narra,

I want to give you a warning. My apes came home today stinking of OTHER DOGS. And my ma ape was chattering about whether I needed a baby sister who is the cutest thing ever. I suspect your ape may be involved in this big conspiracy. Beware.