26 January 2008

On the road again

It's about time--and we mean that in regard to a number of things. First, our human chose to abandon us for the start of the new year. He dropped us off with his parental units and headed up to a place called the Vermont Studio Center for solitude and some concentrated work time. Like we prevent him from doing work?! We could've told him he wouldn't like it--and we would've been right. :) Apparently, in that idyllic winter wonderland (near Stowe), there's not much to do other than work. In fact, his life was not un-monastic. He maintained three activities: work, eat, sleep, each of which had its own specific place. We believe in an alternative formula that is qualitatively different: play, eat, sleep--wherever and whenever you want!!!
Once the human came down from that mountain, we immediately had him clean the van and take us on the road--where we are now! Lovely North Carolina, for an agility trial, same one where Narra went loca last year. The human said something about making up for last year's performance. We'll see... What we really want to see is where we go next. All we know for sure is that it's south, and it's warmer. That'll do.

But check what he had done to our van! It was covered in wet paint! So was our human. At least the van cleaned up well.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Good to see you all back (on the road again). We went travelling today too. But we got stuck in the river bed. Mistress is going to put it on one of her blogs. I think it should be mine as I was in there too. She is muttering Land Rover blog.

Don't fall into the trap of letting those humans put non-dog pictures on your blog. It is not acceptable.


wally said...

How RUDE to soil the van! Jeez. People can be SOOOOO ill-behaved. Jeez. I hope you enjoy your traveling. Do you think you will come home as four or as five? (Or six..or seven!)