25 April 2009

Heaven must be missin...

An Angel! Okay, here's what the human brought home... You might not tell from the picture, but this Angel is 13-years old and has considerable trouble getting around. She's tough, though, and determined to work through it. She hasn't had the best time lately: she ended up in the SPCA, subject of a cruelty case (along with her GSD buddy Max and three cats). Angel has lived in the human's studio for a couple days and has already made friends with Narra and Tuchuck. She'll be meeting the rest of the gang soon enough. Technically, she's here as a foster, but we don't know how long she'll need to stay due to the legal issues surrounding her situation.

In the meantime, we'll take good care of her. We're told she has hip dyslpasia and severe arthritis, but she hasn't seen a doctor in five years. Sad. Yeah, our house is kinda full, but, well, you know.


tula said...

Angel is a cutie! there's always room for one more right:) poor girl, take good care of her- i'm sure she'll absolutely love living there, even if it is for the time being.

extra treaty treats for you guys! plz let us know how it turns out for Angel girl.

kiss kisses,

wally said...


I like old ladies like my ma ape. The apes have been going on and on about this girl. I hope they resolve her case soon so she can find herself a retirement home.

If I won the lottery I would start a retirement home for dogs and Jacks would be invited. And we would chuck out the youngins. Especially boys in their TERRIBLE TWOS.

wally t.