10 May 2009

Butterflies are free

Angel looks and feels spritely in her new collar!

And this guy is her companion Max who, unfortunately, waits at the shelter. Even worse, Max suffers from a hermangiopericytoma, a form of cancer that has reached an untreatable stage with 11yo Max. Max and Angel's cruelty case continues, but we hope their owner will just sign them over to the SPCA. These two need to get on with enjoying their golden years! Max breaks our heart--we just don't know if we have room for one more... Lucky seven???


wally said...

Angel looks BEAUTIFUL! It's great to see Max bounding about, eh? I hope they are out of limbo SOON!

wally t, a youngin' like Angel.

Lola Smiles said...

poor max but he looks happy to be running free in that pic.

Pippa said...

Max looks wonderful, hope he gets to enjoy the rest of his life in spite of his illness.