19 June 2009

Bedroom eyes

Jackson is the least materialistic and least comfort minded of all us... so why does he get the big, new bed??? (Is it for his BIG head? Hahaha!) Yeah, it's pretty sweet: persimmon. Um, okay. Big brah Jacks does share his new bed with sistah Angel on occasion--but only if she gets there first (otherwise, she does okay on the couch, as you can see).

So we're sharing this little peek at our boudoir... Lest anyone's imagination wanders, however, we've written our names on our picture (as requested--Pippa! :) ) Which is not to say that we necessarily occupy the same positions all the time. On the other hand, the occupants of the human's bed always seem the same!


Lola Smiles said...

Wow, Mom says that's a LOT OF SNORING! Apparently, I'm not very ladylike when I'm snoring! lol

So, who's TOP DOG? :)

Lola Smiles


Ha ha.. it's like the brady bunch almost. Who gets to sleep with the humans????? Hmm I wonder what would happen if you put a cat in that picture.

tula said...

Geesh! a 6 pack in one room--that's alotta doggie breath. here, i've been complaining having my own.

if you keep adding to your pack- bunk beds are in order:)

happy weekend guys & sweet angel girlie!

wally said...

OOooh, Jackson has some LOVELY bedroom eyes.

Ahem. I mean, Narra is lovely.

wally t.

PS. My ma ape is a bit embarrassed to show MY boudoir in part because it is so messy, in part because she might admit she sometimes sleeps on the floor with us!

Pippa said...

Brilliant, I love it, thank you for thinking of me. :)


(There would be plenty of room for me to sleep next to Narra I think too, sigh - push over Wally)