26 January 2010

We got the beat!

January's been dreary and kinda boring. Our human's off this time of year, and we usually do something fun--so how come we just hangin at home? (More to the point, how come the human's not been keeping up with our blog?? Or visiting all our bloggin buddies?!) Well, we've been content to play in our yard. You can see all the (chewed up) balls strewn about; we're not usually lacking for toys, that's for sure.Once in a while, though, a dog needs a little more mental stimulation, especially at dusk, when we're primed for the hunt, ready to HOWL. You might notice an odd, yellow thingy there with all the balls--that was Tuchuck's way of stimulating our minds... and primordial selves. What object serves such purposes, you ask? ... YES! Tuchuck raided the human's library, and now we're inspired to roll! Load up the van, boy, let's get the flock outta here! Road trip!!! ARROOOOOOO!!!!! Well, in our dreams--or the summer, whichever comes first.


Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

We hope you find a cool (or warm) place to go to on your road trip! In the mean time, keep enjoying your yard! It looks like loads of fun!

Poppy, Penny & Patches

wally said...

Be careful what you pick up from that Jack fellow. Tanner and Rousseau are high strung enough without a drinking habit. Though it might loosen ol' Narra up.

wally t.