30 May 2010

Butterflies are free

We've been missing our sistah Angel... who knew seven dogs could feel so much less than eight? Bro Tanner is carrying on Angel's legacy, though; he has inherited her butterfly collar! Not such a bad deal: Angel only ever wore that collar once--for a photo shoot! She woulda looked pretty in anything, but she was particularly fetching with those brightly colored butterflies around her. Now, Tanner is trying to do the collar justice--and maybe tone down that bad-boy look of his! :)

1 comment:

Peppy Sheppys said...

You look so pretty, Tanner. We put OBST in the silly monkey collar and he still looked and acted like a beast. But I bet a collar w/Angel Power in it will work really well. Can Tanner WROOO WROOO?

Ethel Jean.