01 January 2011

What's down in the dark will be brought to the light

We watched 2010 ride off into the sunset--literally. Actually, we were so inspired by Mattie Ross, Rooster Cogburn, and especially Joel and Ethan Coen, that we wanted to get a jump start on a gritty 2011, full of action, adventure, and brilliant writing. At the very least, we wanted to get out while the human's knees could still manage a reasonable bend. As it turned out, those feeble knees didn't get moving til late (as usual), so we ended up going for a walk where we knew we could at least enjoy the sunset. An expansive natural resource area is pretty close to our house--but far enough that we get to rev up the van--and it does showcase spectacular sunsets, New Year's eve or not.
Going out was also a good way for Tuchuck and Theo to show off their cool new collars. Another resolution for 2011: be more dapper (cuz we really can't get better lookin). Then again, dusk doesn't offer the best light for admiring snazzy duds. So we just ran around for a bit, resisted the temptation to chase deer--ahem--and watched 2010 fade away.You might notice, at this point, that not everyone got to go. :( Boo! The human promises that 2011 will bring a more equitable distribution of fun to the pack, but we remain unconvinced. We get that sistah Narra gets to do everything--and the rest of us can live with that--but, c'mon, boys just wanna have fun, too!Anyway, brutha Theo was happy for the ride and the horse-poop eating, plus he enjoyed the dubious distinction of New Year's eve at Uncle Kidlat's house… While Uncle Kidlat can be quite demanding, extremely vocal, and incapable of pausing, he did get more snow than we did--so snow zoomies were a big bonus! We'd like more of that in 2011, too, please.
And we'd like less losses. We lost our Angel and Wally, as well as beloved humans: our human's "surrogate grandma" and the Peppy Sheppys' Gramps. We have other friends who suffered a lot of losses, too; our thoughts are with them always, and we're hoping for a stupendous 2011 for everyone. In fact, we're determined to make this year the BEST!

After a little nap. And perhaps a snack or two...And BACON. Oh, yeah, definitely need more bacon in 2011.


Peppy Sheppys said...

GREAT post guys! Thanks for sharing about your little outdoor spot! We found some great deer poops but we left some for you to eat, too.

We hope this year will be a lot better for everyone, even though we did love having you visit us we'd rather have it under happier circumstances (like ones involving chimpanadas and Huskers WINNING.)


Sheps, OtP and Edgrrr.

Southbaygirl said...

bacon!!!!!! bacon!!! Theo what does deer poop taste like? I've never seen a deer nor tasted it's poopie!

Happy New year!!!



Pippa said...

Narra gets to do everything because Narra is a beautiful GSD. Hey good pix in the van though, excellent to go travelling - make sure you keep that human in check and take some more trips this year.


Anonymous said...

Yes, correctly.