24 February 2011


These have been some trying times... You might've guessed as much from our blogging absence (but then again, who'd miss our inconsistent bloggin?). First, we suffered a major loss: our trusty ride--those special wheels that took us on innumerable adventures--finally succumbed after 222K miles. RIP, baby. But we got a new ride! It's sweet! A younger, peppy-er version of our dearest, not a replacement, just new (er, used)--welcome to the fold!

Anyway, we finally got to take it out! Um, not all of us, just the anointed ones, Narra and Tuchuck. Destination: Valley Forge National Historic Park, old stomping grounds of brothers Tsamba and Buko--and baby Narra, back in the day.Speaking of old stomping grounds, we thought Valley Forge was an ideal spot for us to march in solidarity with our homeys back in Wisconsin! They've got quite a battle on their hands, and they're fighting for history! Not to mention collective bargaining rights and workers' rights, in general. We won't even get into corporate greed, public services, etc. Oh, humans, why are you like this?? On Wisconsin! In the name of "Fighting Bob" Lafolette!

On a more pleasant note, doesn't Tuchuck look like our buddy Norwood in this (blurry) picture?!Sure felt great to be out there again, for sure. But, next time, can we all go? And can we get rid of those damn leashes? We promise not to chase the deer--promise!


Kari in WeHo said...

Glad to finally make it over to your blog! Thanks for stopping by ours, we hope you come back for more visits!



That's right ON WISCONSIN! I think Shawnee the Shepard just went hiking at Valley Forge too. Must be a pretty cool spot. And Tuchuck.. nice nordude impression but I'd rather look like woo.

Peppy Sheppys said...

Whoa. That is one kickin' ride you've got. Total babe magnet. And we should know cuz we're babes and we wanna ride in it!

Sheps w/Pep, Otis & Edgrrrrr.

Pippa said...

I would miss our inconsistent blogging. Matches mine :)


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