09 August 2011

Dirty Dozen

Interlopers! Who are these guys?! (Yeah, no, not us, hope no one forgot what we look like!) Sheesh, you leave your blog for a month or three, and some crazy mutts butt in and take over!Truth be told, these guys aren't just taking over the blog--they've moved into the house! Golden boy is Sammy and li'l miss is Angel, named after our very own. :) They're rooming with girl friend Frances Jean--no relation to Ethel Jean --picture forthcoming.

The trio, plus brother JoJo, comprise our dog sanctuary Free to Be Dog Haven. The sanctuary isn't supposed to actually be up and running until we move to our farm (more on that in a later post), but "someone" has been impatient, as usual. Long story short: we got a full house. More like bursting at the seams--and let us tell you, cheaper by the dozen it ain't. The more the merrier, right?Anyway, we're all here, one big, merry bunch. But this is no permanent deal, okay? Sammy, Frances, and Angel need their forever homes! If anyone is interested, they can contact us through our website or go through the Delaware SPCA, where all these guys are from.

And don't forget brother Stormy(not pictured here)--he's available, too! Through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue!

If you'd like to see Sammy and Angel in action, you can view a video here.


Peppy Sheppys said...

Hallo dudes! Sam, you look a lot like Oscar Bean. You should demand to be called Sam Bean. Your house sure is full. Do you need a corgi to keep things organized? We have one we could donate.

Sheps w/Pep

Pippa said...

Wow!! We've just read your website and are very impressed. Poor Jo Jo's story was very sad - sometimes it seems best not to know a dog's history just to try and work through things with them.

Our GSD Pippa bit Misery once - more of a nip really - because he didn't want to leave the comfy sitting room at bedtime. They'd not had him long but they know that he had been back to the shelter twice and had dysentry just before they homed him cos he was wandering on the streets and scavenging like me. Poor Prince. That's why we got on I guess - we had similar lives even though they were miles apart.

Anyway enough rambling. Wishing you lots of success with your new venture.