14 February 2012

A River Runs Through It

Okay, it's not really a river, more like a creek. But it does make that awesome rushing-water sound that's adventurous and peaceful at the same time. More important, we can still splash around and get really wet!
The creek borders our property on two sides and isn't fenced off, so we can't just go run and romp whenever we want. Apparently, only the dogs with a "reliable recall" (whatever that means) get to go play. Yeah, whatevs. Anyway, this is where we live now. We're thinking we'll keep it. :)
Besides the cool water feature, we're honored to live right next to a farm sanctuary (they have... SHEEP!!). The veterinarian that owns it has saved lots of animals, and we get to watch them all the time from our house and yard.

But the best thing about our new place is all the excellent spaces to run and play.
(Hey! How come this post is so shep-centric?!)

Check out this pretty girl--they call her "Angel, too" at the vet clinic (we do miss our Angel, too). We just call her Angel (sometimes also "whackadoodle" or "peepee pants"). Doesn't she look like sistah Narra? She got that crazy drive like her, too!
Ah, and, yes, we'd like to introduce you to Wet and Dirty! :) Haha, that's just how we roll (literally)!
Speaking of, did we mention that the neighbors are real pigs?!
Okay, okay. Gosh, let us divert your attention away from bacon... Quick, check out some water action, here you go...


Sweepy said...

You guys got a real cool place!
Just want to tell you that my Popsy Sumo left last week and I am now assigned to visit all my late father's friends! ;-)

roughseasinthemed said...

Ha! I thought that said sheep centric :D Silly me.

I'm visiting on Pippa's behalf as he takes into my valuable-procrastinating-in-front-of-the-computer-time.

Loving to see pix of the new place though, and all those lovely sheeps, er sheps :)