28 May 2007

We go together

You can't tell, but this picture is the three of us in our van. We're about to spend a lot of time in it because... OH, YEAH--say it with us--WE'RE GOING TO MONTANA!!! Finally. Only Narra has been before, so the boys are looking forward to the Last Best Place. And the human, too. (Dumbass finally finished his grading at 3am, so we can get the flock outta here.)

Also, we'd like to thank Wally and Ethel for letting their humans come out to play a few Saturdays ago. In fact, Mr. J took these great pictures of us. And Wally's mawma walked Jacks down to the lake so we all could play. And special thanks to Wally, too, who will take care of our chicken backs while we're frolickin' in the Rockies. (Yeah, Wally, we know they'll be "taken care of" alright. :) )

1 comment:

wally said...

Dudes, thanks for the chicken backs! I have been sampling them to make sure they're ok and they are TASTY. My new freezing box came today. Mmmmm. Bulk meats.


ps. Have a great vacation! Say hello to Seattle for me. Do you think it still smells like me?

pps. We had to pee on the post that you peed on yesterday.