04 June 2007

It's the journey, not the destination

But the journey is made up of so many great destinations! :) We got a late start on our trip to Montana, but the human managed an inhuman 13-hour drive to get us to Wisconsin on the first night. It was too late to find a campground, but Motel 6 is acceptable in a pinch (in fact, our night there cost less than a tank of gas!).

Since we made up so much time, we did take some time to play in our "home" state. So many state parks, so little time. We opted for Mill Bluff (in Camp Douglas) because it was right on I-90 and didn't take us too much out of our way. Not a particularly exciting park, but we enjoyed getting out and running around for a while. And the human got our annual Wisconsin state parks pass--that means promises of more in the future!

Our real fun started night 2 at the Lake Vermillion state recreation area in South Dakota. We arrived just in time to enjoy a cool evening and beautiful sunset. We played in the lake, ran trails, and howled at the full moon (in spirit, at least). The campground itself was rather manicured for our taste, but it was great for a night (and morning) of play and leisure. From there, we spent a rainy night in Buffalo, WY at the Big Horn Motel--great place, sweet greeting by a German Short-haired Pointer, and a nice woman who agreed to take in a guy with three shepherds when no one else would. The rain let up a bit in the morning so we got to play again. The human does have moments of brilliance: he opted to get off the interstate and take the scenic route, US 16 West, which would've dropped us right in Yellowstone Ntional Park. We didn't go that far, but we did get to see awesome stuff along the way. And play, of course. :)

We did make it to Bozeman on time (although we were a little late to the agility trial on Saturday morning). At the trial, Narra was on fire (again), and, although she didn't qualify, she had some great runs this weekend. The very first run was a heartbreaker: Narra ran like th wind, right up until she and the human blew over the last jump! Too bad. She made lots of fans, though, and we appreciated the collective sigh of disappointment when that last bar went down. Glad to know she's looking good again--though we always knew she did. We made new friends, too: Tucker the corgi, Scooter and Lily Roo the Norwich Terriers, and baby boy Kody who is like Buko. :)

Tomorrow we leave civilization for the Spanish Peaks, then mid-week to Paradise Valley, followed by the Crazy Mountains. Sounds good, doesn't it? :) We love Montana! (Ahem... Buko's not so sure--he requires more convincing. He definitely prefers the couch/bed to the trail. Narra hopes to convince him otherwise.)


wally said...

Yo dudes! What a great trip. We don't get to romp in the woods or play in lakes. We're so abused and neglected. We are enjoying your chicken backs and watching the progress in the garden. I left my bone in there earlier. I'm hoping it will grow a cow.

Bon Voyage!


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

Dude, it's awesome out here. So awesome we don't even miss our chicken backs--so enjoy to your hearts' content! But if you grow a cow, you'll have to share when we get back! :)