18 June 2007

Goodbye to all this

We've enjoyed the lap of luxury for a while. The human indulged Buko's desires for the comforts of home (and a bit of healing time for a minor abrasion) and rented a condo for the week. That week's done now, so the boys are going to have to "rough it" again.

We hope the weather gets better. Sunday was a huge bust: nothing but rain and cold. Our last day in the condo was literally a day in the condo. Hey, at least the golf on tv wasn't that bad (even though Tiger didn't pull it out in the end).

We'll all especially miss the beautiful soccer fields nearby where we'd run around and play every day. The fields were also a nice place for Narra to train. She's been preparing for her upcoming obedience trial in Missoula.

We'll spend a few more days up here in the Flathead, then head down there and the Bitterroot.


wally said...

That is some quality relaxing. Now that's what I call a vacation!


J said...

that picture really captures their spirit as a pack.