10 June 2007


Don't think it's a coincidence that our human has special affection for an island mountain range called "the Crazies.' Unfortunately for him, though, his anticipated lunacy was thwarted by kayakers. His yearlong plan to park us in Halfmoon Campground and hike up to Blue Lake were confounded by the Headwaters Paddling Association folks who, ironically, were (apparently) looking to foster some good will. (Check this out.) Not only were the parking spurs all taken, but the crowd made enjoying the Crazies difficult at best. So, we fled the asylum. We did, at least, spend a night along Big Timber Creek, in what might be considered a dispersed campsite. We were joined by a few folks who were probably also hoping for a weekend at Halfmoon. Alas. "But, mousie, thou art no thy lane..."

Jacks and Narra still enjoyed camp. :)

Just to tattle: we ran into kayakers on the trail, and they had their boats on their backs. Buko and Jacks were totally cool and said "hi" to the guys--Narra, on the other hand, FREAKED. She ran off into the woods and wouldn't come when called. That made the human freak. He collected himself and kept calling; she eventually came, but what was she thinking?! Ha, so much for reliable.

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wally said...

I wouldn't trust anyone with a boat on their back, either. Well, I don't trust anyone (ma ape excepted) but that's just me.

Still, guys, laugh at your sister. That's what sisters are there for! I mean my sister woke my ma ape up crying this morning because of a little thunder! No, wait, that was me.