10 June 2007

Bully for us!

Rough riders we're not. The National Forest Service's Spanish Creek Cabin is about as rough as Buko is willing to go--and he didn't like it that much. No electricity, no running water? Even a bully stick wasn't enough to convince the old man this would be fun. At least he had a bed (although we never figured he and Narra would both fit into a twin bed with the human--everyone kept warm!). We did have a wood stove to keep us toasty, and we needed it because it rained most of our time there. We arrived early enough our first day to enjoy the only good weather we had. Our next cabin will have electricity, so maybe Buko--and the weather--will be more agreeable.


wally said...

Whoa! No electricity? No running water? That's uncivilized! Now granted, I used to live on the mean streets but I'm not sure I'd put up with that, either. I'm used to the highlife.

Looks cold--but only a two dog night?


wally said...

P.S. Big change for us. Since we started raw we've been turning our noses up at bully sticks! Yes, even ME!

Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

Buko seems much less enamored of the bully sticks lately--which makes Narra happy because she sneaks in when he stops chompin'. :) Jacks just chews away and says "Huh?"