14 June 2007

Please buy this for us

Our starving artist does pretty well providing for us, but there are some things that are beyond his means. Unfortunately, said things are necessary for the life we deserve. Anyone out there have half a million plus to buy this cabin for us? It comes with three German Shepherds!


wally said...

I'll go steal my ma ape's wallet and buy some lottery tickets! That looks pretty good to me...depending on how close it is to the bakery..


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

Oh, the lottery... The key to magic kingdom! We'll do the same!

AND, the cabin is about less than two miles from the bakery. :)


wally said...

No luck so far--all that was in her wallet was a Pathmark card and ATM receipts. She's WORTHLESS! Sigh.

I'm trying to get the apes to adopt me a Neo that's over in NJ. He's 140 pounds. He could pull my chariot to the bakery to fetch cinnamon rolls and cookies!