28 June 2007

City Slicker

He can't hide it from us: the human misses urban culture! He's just a mountain man poseur! He dragged us into Missoula last night so he could get some pad thai (delicious, he said: Sa-Wad-Dee Thai Restaurant). And, today, he left us to shop for art supplies at the University of Montana (supposedly the best place for art supplies in the state) and to try the buffet at Missoula's only (we're told) Indian restaurant, Tipu's Tiger, the "oasis in the alley," which also happens to be a vegan establishment. Yeah, bourgie is right. His flirtation with suburban sprawl notwithstanding--did we really have to stop at Target?--we can sense his excitement every time we approach the booming metropolis that is Missoula. Like the billboard for Southgate Mall implores: "Discover the Great Indoors!" You can take the boy out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the boy. [Sigh] Buko wants to know: "Does this mean we can go home now?"


wally said...

The ma ape is jealous. Pad Thai. Mmm. Vegan Indian buffet in Montana?!!?

Guys, I think the bears scared him right into the city. I'm with you, Buko. Traipsing around in the wilderness is for the apes.


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

Yeah, well, he's threatening this camping thing again. Guess the bear scare wasn't enough. We're going to your neck of the woods, though, Wally--literally.


wally said...

Pssst..at my old rescue there are a couple of GSDs--and one looks like ETHEL!

Three Rivers Rescue. In Snoqualmie!