17 June 2007

A Fine Specimen

A man approached us yesterday morning because he had seen Jacks from a distance. He said when he saw him he was like "WOW!" In fact, he was so wowed by the big-headed one that he wanted to know if Jacks is used for breeding. Stifling a chuckle, the human responded that no, ol' big head is not the siring type. Despite his studliness, Jacks is in fact incapable of being a stud. Sorry, ladies.


J said...

So does that mean he is neutered, or just off limits to the ladies if you know what I mean?

wally said...

I'm surprised I don't get more stud requests. Perhaps I give off an air of unavailability.


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

Although Jacks is neutered, it's more his lack of social skills that makes him off limits to pretty much any other dogs. Unfortunately, you have to get too close to find that out!

Wally, we wonder if those requests are kept in silent frustration? We hope not, we support happiness wherever (and in whatever form) you might find it. :)