24 June 2007

Somebody else's poop

Thinking about the national parks again, we have a question: anyone else's human ever pick up some other dog's poop? That is, some unknown dog's poop that's just lying there?! Well, our human did! He just couldn't stand not doing it. We were walking at Kintla Lake campground, and there, to the side of the road by a bunch of rocks, was a huge pile of poop. It was definitely dog poop, mind you, and from some big dog at that. The decision whether or not to pick it up was twofold. First, on the macro level, some inconsiderate dog person did not clean up after their pooch and, as a result, endangered national park privileges for the rest of us. Therefore, to clean it up served the greater good. We approve--although uncomfortably so. Second, on a more personal level, what if someone at the campground saw it and thought it was from us?! D├ęgoutant! The human couldn't let that happen either, so, again, a nod in favor of the poop removal. The final thought perhaps should be: is our human so consistent and diligent in picking up OUR poop ALL THE TIME? Hm...
More Polebridge dogs... We know the poop wasn't from these guys. But what a life, huh?


wally said...

Guys--our people need a poop intervention. Seriously. Totally weird. On a completely funny note, I just used the "rating tool" on your blog and you guys got an R for excessive scat talk! AWESOME!


Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

Ha ha ha! Check out our next post! Never let it be said that we don't push the boundaries of "good taste"!