21 October 2007

Dr. Feelgood

Our house has been a sad place lately--and we just haven't known how to help our human feel better. We've been sad, too. Big brother Buko was always our guide and our heart, and, without him, we've all felt a bit lost. The human has tried to keep busy doing different things, but he frequently has those moments when, as our friend Pippa puts it, it's difficult to see.

One of the activities the human sort of resumed was his involvement with rescue. He actually went back to the shelter where Buko came from to help two GSDs looking for homes. While at the shelter, he happened to notice a dirty, urine-stained puppy who, for whatever reason, interested him. He returned the next day, with Wally's apes' help, to meet the little guy, and the rest is, as they say, well, you know. The decision-making process was drawn out for a couple days because the human couldn't make up his mind about adopting. And rightfully so! He needed us to give the final word--and the word was a hesitant "okay."

So, here we are... with a new a little brother named Tuchuck. He's a 6-month old border collie, but we don't hold that against him (at least, not the breed part--we would be okay with his growing up fast, though)! He's named after a mountain in northwest Montana that overlooks Glacier National Park (Tuchuck's name at the shelter was Glacier). Tuchuck Mtn was a place we all enjoyed on our recent roadtrip, and the name reminds us of a happy time we all shared together.

Anyway, happy is what we needed, and happy is what Tuchuck is! Our original hesitation has proven ill-founded as Tuchuck learns quickly and now fits in really well. He's a fun kid, and we welcome that back in our life. (And he doesn't take bad pictures either...)


wally said...

Hey dudes! Thanks for letting us visit your house, though sorry to Jackson. I know how you feel, buddy. Locked inside your own house. Cruel AND unusual, I say.

Well, we'll have to play again sometime. Tuchuck, maybe after you get tutored I won't be as mean. Just a little mean.


ps. Narra, I just want to herd you, is that so wrong???

pps. Tuchuck, you have big paws to fill! But I'm sure you'll do a good job. We are each awesome in our own unique way. That's what makes us the best. Not like those booooring apes!

wally said...

Dear Tuchuck,

Bwahahaha! The entire internets is referring to you as "Upchuck." HA! That'll teach ya to steal my sissy AND my ma ape!