26 October 2007

Happy Birthday, Buko

Seven years ago today, brother Tsamba welcomed brother Buko into the fold, and our family grew from there. Buko had come some time earlier as a foster dog, but Tsamba and the human soon realized he was meant to stay. Since Buko came from the SPCA, no one knew his birthday, so we celebrate it today, the day Buko's life with us began--and the day our family started. When we celebrate Buko and his life, we celebrate all of us and all we share. And especially today, we try to be happy for all we have, even though we miss Buko so much. Happy Birthday, brother Buko!

Tsamba and Buko: the early days"The boys": Jacks, Buko, Tsamba, and Buddy


wally said...

Happy burpday Buko! You were a lucky guy to find your family. But not as lucky as they were!

We miss you too, guy.


Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hi guys
Thanks for visiting.
That is such a nice post. We've never really done the dog birthday or adoption day thing. Never known their birthdays cos all rescued, and never thought about adoption day. Anyway Pippa would only want to celebrate by chasing cats.

Kate & Pippa

Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Hi, Kate and Pippa!
Buko would totally agree with you: chasing cats is absolute celebration! Chasing deer, squirrels, etc. ain't so bad either. (Don't like them woodchucks, though.) Thanks for stopping by!

You, too, Wally! Come visit our house again, too. We like watching you scare the little guy. :)


wally said...

Jackson & Narra--

Any time guys! I do like chasing you too Narra. You're my new sister. Completely non-consensual but that's the thing with family--you don't get to choose them.