21 November 2007

Get Whitey

Our reference to eugenics in the previous post was in no way meant to be glib. We abhor bigotry, especially the kind that masquerades as "objective" science. Bad enough that Buko had to endure prejudice against white shepherds, but we've now learned that the same bias exists against white border collies! Poor Tuchuck, we'll protect you, little bro.

Today, in our ongoing efforts to serve social justice and stick it to the man, we met Zion, a handsome and sweet white boy available for adoption through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. We all thought Zion was super and liked him a lot. It certainly didn't hurt that he reminded us so much of Buko. Even though Tuchuck never knew Buko, he seemed to like Zion as much as we did. Jacks especially liked Zion, perhaps because Jacks has been most affected by Buko's passing.

What shall we do? Do we bring in one more to join our pack? The human isn't sure. We aren't either. All we know is that we miss Buko, and no one can change that. Stay tuned.


wally said...

I'm so glad that someone is standing up for whitey! Especially because at the rate I'm greying, I'll soon be white!

So...Zion National Park is VERY cutable! I think I would like to chase him (did I ever tell you I have thing for white shepherds?) And Jackson needs a buddy. Old men need love too!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

He looks really nice. If you have the inclination, the space, the time and the money for another, that would be cool.

Pippa is the palest coloured dog we have ever had and it was strange to start with. The first two were black and Prince (the GSD) was the same colouring as Jacks and Narra. But beauty is in the soul and the temperament and not the superficial colouring.

We all still miss Prince (after more than a year) and I would love another GSD. But in the small flat it's not really doable and puts too much onus on Adrian to walk two dogs when I am not around. On the other hand, I would hate to get a GSD and compare it to Prince all the time as that would be so unfair.

You will do what's right for everyone and all the dogs.

Katherine and Pippa

Katherine and Pippa, said...

PS You have inspired me to change my blog (not Pippa's) mine. Always good to have a change.


Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Kate, we hope we inspired you in a good way! :) We'll be sure to check out your blog. We love the pics on your Land Rover blog--especially of Prince!

As for Zion, we got some sad news today. He may have a degenerative spinal condition--whatever it is, it's causing him severe pain in the back. He will be seeing a specialist, so everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed for him. We don't know what his condition may mean for his adoption status.

Hey, Wally, we got love for whitey and oldie! :)