20 November 2007

Party hat minus the favors...

Ladies, you can come out now. The little man had his man bits removed, so you're safe! In fact, look how stupid Tuchuck was: he left in the morning intact, and when he got back, he had traded in his manhood for this silly hat. What a deal, huh?! We're not into eugenics or anything, but that kind of smarts you shouldn't be breeding anyhow! :)

Still, the little guy had enough brass--figuratively speaking--to think he could take Narra... "Bring it on, diaper breath," Narra says. "Let's see what you got (or what you don't got!)." Ha ha ha! Jacks is not amused...
And the winner is...


Katherine and Pippa, said...

We love that second photo (Narra?). He looks so much like Princey. Adorable. Princey would NOT let go of his toys.

Can't believe Tuchuck ended up with the stick!

And partner wants to know - what sort of truck is it in the photo in your profile?

Pippa and Katherine

Buko (in spirit), Jackson, and Narra said...

Hi, Pippa and Katherine!

Ah, shepherds... what's not to love? We bet Princey was as fun as he was handsome. As for Tuchuck, we're not sure he actually "won" the stick--that picture may have been BEFORE Narra decided she wanted it! :)

As for our truck, it's a converted Ford E350 extended body with Quigley 4x4. It ROCKS! It is the best toy ever!! :)


wally said...


Nuts or none, I could totally get that stick from you.